25 January 2012

DESIGN : the dutchtub 4P

Dutch Design is a term used to connote design in (and from) the Netherlands.  According to Wikipedia, it is characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky and humorous.  So leave it to the Dutch to apply this aesthetic to a simple hot tub and elevate it into a work of art…

I stumbled upon WELTEVREE’S DUTCHTUB about a year ago, obsessing over the idea of a wood fired hot tub to help get me through the dreary days of winter.  Made in the Netherlands, the fiberglass tub comes in an array of bright and cheery colors, has soaking space for 4 adults, and requires no electricity – just water and firewood. The stainless steel basket attached to the tub holds the burning firewood which heats the tub in about 2 hours. And while waiting for the water to heat up, go ahead, multi task. Throw a wok (included) on the open flame for a quick stir fry dinner or roast a little corn on the cob. 

And weighing only 150 pounds, it’s portable. Take it with you when you move, put it on the roof rack to take on vacation, or… relocate it to the wooded hillside behind your house, build a little hiking trail and buy a really long garden hose, which is what I would do… if I had an extra $6000.

Personal hot springs bliss: