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20 June 2012

Camping Part 1 : Camper Vans & Trailers

It was well into my last trimester of pregnancy when we took the VW Syncro out for one last hurrah, setting up camp by a river in the Kit Carson National Forest what feels like a lifetime ago. But with our pending twins, we assumed we needed a more “practical” (and reliable) vehicle. And we have always regretted selling it, especially now since we realize that with kids, there is no more practical vehicle than a car with ready-made beds and a kitchen in tow.



8 June 2012

Recipe : Dukkah

Dukkah. It’s my new favorite food. Not to be confused with the Sanskrit term dukkha, which is the First Noble Truth of Buddhism and involves suffering and dissatisfaction, but dukka, or dukkah (pronounced DOO-kah), which is a lovely blend of nuts and spices that is really quite satisfying.  Addictive actually. I had seen the word randomly pop up in cookbooks and blogs for quite some time but it never really intrigued me until I unknowingly dipped my bread in it at dinner one night. And then I double dipped, triple dipped, and became hooked.